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The Only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Instruction in The Tri-Cities

11988310_896538747080795_3700495415409878450_nIn Kitchener / Waterloo Alliance is represented by Dragan Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with the “Mad Scientist” of grappling, head instructor, Dragan Konjevic, and assistant instructor, Eric Yu. Our headquarters is in Waterloo and is a great environment in which to learn and have fun – from the beginner to the advanced grappler. Dragan himself is one of the most selfless and dedicated coaches you could possibly find.

For the beginner: join in for your first class, and then you will become addicted afterwards. We train in the gi, or “kimono”, which is the traditional uniform very similar to a judogi, and we also train no-gi, wearing shorts, t-shirts, or rash guards. There are varying levels of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gis. A cheaper gi is fine, but the rigors of day to day grappling can wear out or even rip the thinner variety. Ask and we can find a gi that’s perfect for you. Shower facilities are available. Ensure your finger and toenails are trimmed. Every class is tailor made for any experience level, or fitness level, separated into groups.

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Blue-Jitsu Law Enforcement Self-Defense Programs

Alliance Dragan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Law Enforcement Training Courses & Seminars


MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, bar none. The popularity of the sport is evident through the staggering number of pay-per-view buys boasted by the UFC,  sell out venues at MMA events all over the world, and the presence of MMA gyms starting up all across North America. Unfortunately, some of the people now training themselves in the combat arts are the very people that end up interacting with law enforcement in a negative manner. Knowing this, it is more necessary than ever for Police Officers and Professional Security personnel to train themselves to recognize threat cues in individuals who are versed in the combat arts, and ultimately deal with that trained individual in the safest, most efficient manner possible while working within the framework of the Ontario Use of Force model.
Combining our years of martial arts experience with our years of front line law enforcement experience, we began developing Law Enforcement specific courses in 2008, administering courses to front line patrol, in-service training and tactical officers representing Police Services clear across Ontario. We have also been busy developing and delivering courses to University Police, Transit Security, and Professional Security personnel. We have been continuing to work hard to further develop and refine our Law Enforcement training techniques, and we are very excited with the programs that we have to offer. We conduct half day, one day and two day courses featuring our tried and proven  techniques, specifically tailored for police officers and other professional security personnel. Our programs arm the learner with the skills to control and take into custody a violent subject while using the least amount of force possible, reducing the possibility of injury to both the officer and the subject.
We will update the site with any forthcoming seminars, so check back often. If you or your agency would like to schedule a seminar with us, we are flexible to offer a program specifically designed for your needs and budget.  Please contact Jeff or Dragan for further inquiries.
or contact Cst. Jeff Sauve at